#TSAFunny Comedy for a Cause is a cause related event presented by FoxandRob Rich aimed at raising money for Rich Family Ministries, a non-profit social justice organization. Our goal is to use comedy to bring greater awareness to the general public about the systemic issues found in Louisiana’s criminal justice system.

As a formerly incarcerated couple for 21 years, FoxandRob know the importance of working for a more just system and have dedicated their lives to creating the changes they know must happen. In 2018, after being granted clemency, this power couple started Rich Family Ministries.
Our mission at Rich Family Ministries is to change lives and laws through love. As part of our efforts, we launched an initiative designed to provide families, communities, and the accused with legal awareness as the best form of defense. Empowering them to be more actively engaged in their own legal matter.
On November 8, 2019, we will fill the city of New Orleans with laughter and with your help raise the much-needed capital to end mass incarceration. Thank you for helping us do the work today to make a better world tomorrow. This event will be held at Café Istanbul, 2372 St. Claude Ave, in New Orleans, LA 70117. Please make checks payable to Rich Family Ministries, P.O. Box 56552 New Orleans, LA 70156.